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Legal services

Traditional legal service

▐  Checks documents, provides expertise and legal conclusions on compliance with the legislation of transactions, contracts, forms and methods of doing business, operations and situations;

▐  Acting for and assistance in negotiations, gives advice-tion, opinions, help with legal issues that arise in business activities of the Principal in the following areas:

 integrated support acquisitions of businesses and antitrust;

 support of mergers and acquisitions (M & A);

  pre-investment analysis (due diligence) in the decision to purchase shares, shares of enterprises;

  comprehensive support of major investment projects, including international projects;

 tax and Finance Law;

 foreign trade, currency and customs regulations, licensing and certification in various industries;

 real estate and construction, modernization and reconstruction;

  asset management, including financial investments and securities;

 labor law, and migration (licenses, permits for foreign specialists);

 intellectual property;

 development and maintenance of traditional and specific operations (assignment of the claim, tolling, the commission, loans from foreign contractors, leasing, etc.);

 the formation of the corporate structure and processes (founding documents, the provisions on the governing bodies, the formation of the authorized capital, the procedure in the enterprise being created for individual projects, providing initially reduced business risks (legal, tax, and import eksporno, financial and other));

 quality of all forms of business registration, as well as missions and permanent establishments;

 reorganization (merger, division, separation), the conversion from one form of business to another;

 restructuring of all shapes, holdings and financial-industrial groups;

 professional elimination of all forms of business to suit the individual;

 support acquisitions (privatization) of state assets in the form of stocks, shares, real estate, as well as legal, monitoring and evaluation of the “purity” of such transactions;

 development and support of anti-raider program that protects against raider attacks (hostile takeover) of your company stakeholders, agencies, groups, including those with administrative impact (resource);

 development and implementation of measures aimed at protecting the rights and interests of minority shareholders (founders and participants) or the opposition «greenmail» – unjustified interference in their operational management and operation of the enterprise;

 maintenance process for the settlement of intra-corporate conflicts (the executive body, majority (major) shareholders (founders, participants));

 development of qualified legal measures by changing the executive body (Directors, Executive Committee) in order to neutralize the conflict.

Legal audit

 Conducting a comprehensive legal monitoring to identify significant risks of violation of legislation in enterprises, including the assessment of internal control to prevent money laundering. Development and implementation of recommendations for improvement;

 The study of enterprise compliance with licensing requirements, regulations founders’ documents;

 Study of corporate compliance and recommendations for improvement (including design documents);

 Monitoring performance of contractual discipline, including the study of the effectiveness of the system and document management;

 Personnel conducting “audit”, health and safety;

 The study of corporate organizational structure of companies (holding companies, financial and industrial groups, organizations with a cross in the authorized capital, etc.), the development of appropriate recommendations to reduce legal risks, optimization measures, the implementation of the legal assessment of transactions with related (affiliated) parties, including the study of the interaction with its subsidiaries, affiliates and subsidiaries, the decision of the individual situations of any complexity, including tax law (taxation);

 Legal assessment of correctness of the authorized capital and compliance founding documents.

Protecting of Principal`s rights

 Current view of legal aid is to protect the rights of the Principal during and after inspections by (tax, antitrust, licensing, etc.) the client’s business organizations.

 The assistance includes consultation and advocacy with officials customer training oral and written references, explanations and objections, direct talks with officials from regulatory authorities (STC Uzbekistan, the Antimonopoly Committee of Uzbekistan, Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the State Property Committee of Uzbekistan, etc.) . Participate in discussions and processes at various levels, including attorneys on the client. Enforcement of rights and interests in the regulatory, law enforcement and judicial structures.




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