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Tax practice

        ▌  Professional support by tax advisers and experts:     

 Corporate taxation: general system;

 Corporate taxation: simplified system;

 Taxation of  holdings and groups of companies;

 Special taxation ragime in certain sectors and types of business;

 Tax structuring and support of investmen projects;

 Taxation of operations on the formation of authorized capital, purchase and sale of stocks or business shares, upon withdrawal from business;

  Taxation of export, import and foreign economic operations;

 Tax practice in financial services: credits, loans, leasing;

 Tax consulting in the restructuring and reorganization of enterprises;

 Tax support of complexbusiness forms: joint ventures, production sharing agreements andconcessions, fiduciary management, tolling(processing);

 Taxation of non-resident foreign companies’ income in Uzbekistan (services, royaties, real estate, dividends);

 Taxation of representative offices and/ or permanent estabilishments of foreign companies;

 International taxation and double taxation avoidance agreements;

  Taxation of individuals and/or business owners.

       ▌  Formation of tax safety system and tax risks management:

  Tax accounting and validity of tax relief;

  Comprehensive tax audit or investigation of special situations;

  Target and fixed-term tax relief: examination, advices, opinions;
  Tax modeling of future business operations and contracts against compliance with legislation;
  Taxation of foreign investment and risk assessment;
  Taxation during income repatriation and reinvestment;
  Identification of tax, customs and foreign exchange relief and preferences for a particular enterprise or type of business;
  Assessment of counterparties’ tax bona fides: suppliers, buyers, partners;
  Preparation or examination of agreements (contracts) with due consideration of tax risks;
  Prospective tax reviews and opinions;
  Transfer pricing and taxation of affiliated persons;
  Taxation of investment obligations during the acquisition of state-owned assets (privatization);
  Competent assistance during inspections and dealing with controversial matters of taxation;
  Organizational, psychological and procedural support before and during inspections.



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